“You’re the new Morrissey, son!” Management informed me, one day, sat in their office in London’s Hatton Garden district. ‘How’s that?’ I asked. “Unemployable and destined to spend your days alone in a library!” came the retort.

If I could only get over my Nick Drake crossed with Al Stewart obsession I might actually get somewhere! I’ve decided that spending 18 months working on the production of songs – with synthetic production, loops, strings, flutes, cellos, glockenspiels, multi-layed vocals and harmonies – just to run up 23 plays on Soundcloud – isn’t worth the effort. After all, I am a lazy musician (at least, I think that’s what I’m supposed to be according to my peers and elders) and life’s too short to be worrying about ‘pure rock drum fill 02’.

I have written a song called ‘Boyfriend Material’ and recorded and posted it on soundcloud as an acoustic guitar / vocal only demo …  recorded live in one take, more or less off the top of my head. The idea came from my school days, when my best friend also happened to be the best looking lad in my year, and thus I never stood a chance with any of the girls I fancied. I was also out of touch and out of time with my Al Stewart / Nick Drake fetish … I wasn’t cool, with long hair (that came later in ‘Taxi’ … the hair, not the cool) … and I didn’t own any Genesis records. Nor could I play guitar as well as the kids in the groovy gang – still …


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